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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Please use this form. For commercial contact information, see the directories below.


    Rory Brandow Vice President of Sales
    Christopher Ford Director US Sales and Customer Service
    Regional Sales
    Central & Eastern Canada
    Greg Tombari Central & Eastern Canada Sales Manager, Coil Products
    Roman Mlynarczyk Senior Sales Representative
    Jay Lack Senior Sales Representative
    Western Canada
    Brenda Walker Western Sales Manager, Coil Products
    Cheralee Kattenburg Sales Representative
    Jason Woods Central US Sales Manager
    Tom Navratil Senior Sales Representative
    Kevin Burman Sales Manager, Plate Products
    Darrol Martin Senior Sales Representative
    Brady Dunne Senior Sales Representative
    Jay Percy Automotive Sales Manager
    Paul Vomacka Senior Sales Representative
    Order Fulfillment & Services
    Lisa Tomie Manager – Automotive Services/Inventory Management
    Marty Cady Channel Coordinator
    Scott Dewar Manager- Customer Service
    Ken Deplonty  Supervisor- Canada and Automotive
    Linda Cadham Supervisor- USA & Mexico
    Technical Customer Service
    Troy Murray Manager – Technical Customer Service
    Sylvia Parlowe Claims Supervisor
    Yankui Bian Customer Metallurgist Representative
    Dan Humeniuc Customer Metallurgist Representative
    Alejandro Dindart Customer Metallurgist Representative
    Joe Florio Customer Metallurgist Representative
    Andrew Newton Customer Metallurgist Representative

    Name Title Commodities
    Indranil Sinha General Manager
    • Slab Caster
    • Flat Roll
    • Projects
    Amit Mehta Lead- Strategic Sourcing
    • Equipment Rental Hourly
    • Schedule Equipment Rental
    • Contractor Service
    • Services General
    • Printing, Welfare
    • Legal, Professional
    • Training Expenses
    Ron Spina Strategic Sourcing Manager – Raw Materials & Inbound Logistics
    • Bulk Raw Materials & Logistics
    Rupam Baijal Strategic Sourcing Manager – Scrap Alloys
    • Alloys
    • Fluxes
    • Scrap
    Steven Fenlon Strategic Sourcing Specialist
    • Administration, Stationary
    • Welfare
    • Outside Processing
    • By Products
    Clifford Kerhanovich Buyer
    • Communication, License
    • Building Supplies
    • Safety, Medical, Lab
    • Tools, Grinding Wheels
    • Services- Information Technology
    • Computer Equipment
    Dave Spina Strategic Sourcing Specialist
    • Material Handling
    • Capital Goods
    • Capital Service
    • Automotive Equipment
    Ken Antler Senior Buyer
    • Electrical
    • Electronic Instrumentation
    • Electrical Rotating
    Marty Rimmer Senior Commodity Buyer
    • Fabrication
    • Shop Equipment
    • Tanks, Vessels
    • Tooling-Production
    • Metal Stock

    Algoma Steel’s Head Office

    105 West Street
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
    P6A 7B4
    Ph: 1-705-945-2351
    Fax: 1-705-945-2203

    Burlington Sales Office

    5515 North Service Road, Suite 301
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    L7L 6G4
    Tel:  1-905-331-3400
    Fax: 1-905-331-3408

    Calgary Sales Office

    11012 Macleod Trail SE, Suite 360
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2J 6A5
    Tel: 1-403-620-2843