Algoma Steel produces a full range of high-quality steel plate products that meet or exceed most international performance standards for construction, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding, energy and military applications.

Algoma Steel’s Plate Mill is highly automated, assuring product consistency across the entire product range. Using continuously cast steel slabs, the Plate Mill rolls both carbon and high-strength low alloy (HSLA) plate up to 154″ (3,912 mm) wide, the widest steel plate manufactured in Canada. Floor plate is rolled to a maximum width of 96″ (2,440 mm).

Algoma Steel operates its own in-plant heat treating facility to produce a wide range of Normalized, As Quenched and Quench & Tempered steel plates which are required for either high-strength, abrasion-resistant and/or military applications.

Algoma Steel consistently employs the latest steelmaking and plate rolling technology supported by our ladle metallurgy facility. This refining method makes a significant contribution towards greater product consistency, particularly in the areas of fracture toughness and plate ductility – all qualities of great importance in highly stressed plate applications.

These specialized facilities and products plus our investment in the latest technologies reflect Algoma Steel’s continuing commitment to satisfying the needs of our customers.

Your needs are unique. You require creative solutions. Algoma Steel is here to help.