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Algoma Steel is a fully integrated steel producer offering high strength steels for demanding applications. We offer a wide range of hot and cold rolled steel sheet and plate products for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Transportation (rail cars, shipbuilding)
  • Manufacturing


Where final part performance is the true measure, customers choose Algoma Steel’s high strength steels.

Algoma Steel’s Direct Strip Production Complex (DSPC) is the newest continuous caster coupled with direct hot rolling in North America, combining the best of integrated and mini-mill technologies.

By using the cleanest of steel from integrated steelmaking, Algoma Steel’s DSPC high strength, high performance steels are ideal for use in automotive unexposed structural systems, offering excellent bending capability and unmatched dimensional control. 

With tight dimensional tolerances, high surface quality, and one of the broadest thickness and width ranges available in North America, the DSPC product line cuts costs, reduces weight and improves performance.


Algoma Steel’s high strength, structural quality heat-treated plate offers superior surface quality and notch toughness, ideally suited for exposed, off-road applications in forestry and mining equipment, highway trailers, and other uses where weight is a critical factor.

The virtually scale-free surface is a key benefit for those applications where the plate is exposed, and permits easy welding and flame cutting without surface preparation.

In addition, these higher strength grades offer superior resistance to brittle fracture at low service temperatures – critical for applications such as crane booms and highway trailers.

Algoma Steel’s heat treat quench system provides longer life in abrasive applications while rapid cooling produces through thickness hardness.  For applications that require superior abrasion resistance such as truck and hopper liners, wear plates, chutes, buckets, crushers and similar heavy equipment, there is no better plate than AlgoTuf 450F.  And for maximum wear resistance in mining and industrial applications, equipment manufacturers turn to AlgoTuf 500.

Your needs are unique. You require creative solutions. Algoma is here to help.


Algoma Steel produces high-quality bridge plate that meets stringent atmospheric requirements and customized structural plate specifications.

Our plate mill is capable of producing plate up to 154″ (3,912 mm) wide, the widest steel plate manufactured in Canada, including:

  • Weathering steel, Corrosion resistant Steel
  • Water pipe, Bridges, Roads, Guard Rails


Algoma Steel’s as-rolled and heat-treated plates span a wide variety of grades and sizes. Lean chemistries and unique water quenching procedures result in excellent notch toughness, through-thickness hardness, superior flatness, outstanding surface quality, and easy welding.  Algoma Steel’s unique width capability offers size options virtually unmatched in North America.  Plate offerings up to a maximum width of 154″ (3,912 mm) eliminate costly weld splices for applications wider than the standard 96″ (2440 mm).

  • OCTG grades (oil country tubular goods)
  • Line pipe, drill and pipe casing, wind towers, steel storage tanks


Algoma Steel is one of North America’s leading producers of Armour Plate, delivering high hardness steel for ballistic and blast protection applications, such as tanks, trucks, personnel carriers, and other vehicles. Algoma Steel’s Armour Plate is used by the U.S. Armed Forces as well as the armed forces of other countries around the world. Through control over the raw ingredients, combined with tight end to end process control, including the rapid quench system, gives Algoma Steel’s Armour Plate its reputation for superior hardness properties and surface characteristics.

  • Armour plate, maximum wear resistance, abrasion resistant heat treated steel plate
  • Military tanks


Hot and Cold-Rolled Sheet are also formed into a variety of high-quality mechanical and hollow structural pipe and tubing products through cold forming and electric resistance welding. They are used in furniture and automobiles as well as construction and the oil and gas industries.

ALGOMA 50 floor plate is characterized by a raised angular pattern rolled onto the surface of the plate to provide skid resistance. This angular pattern provides an excellent omni-directional surface for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Since there are no pockets to collect grease, dirt or liquids, Algoma floor plate is easy to keep clean and dry.

ALGOMA 50 floor plate can be readily cold formed and welded using conventional equipment and is available in widths up to 96” (2440 mm) in coil and cut lengths. These wider widths provide for lower handling and fabricating costs as well as a more attractive finished product, with fewer seams.