Algoma Steel is a major manufacturer of hot and cold rolled sheet steels in carbon and HSLA grades. These steels are widely used in many manufacturing applications – especially those employed in the North American automotive industry.

Hot and Cold-Rolled Sheets are also formed into a variety of high-quality mechanical and hollow structural pipe and tubing products through cold forming and electric resistance welding. They are used in furniture and automobiles as well as construction and the oil and gas industries.

Industry today requires advanced steels for demanding applications. Algoma Steel responds with quality-enhancing technology advances which are based on a long history of innovation in sheet steel manufacture.

Algoma Steel’s product development team works closely with customers so that our sheet steel products will satisfy their specific needs. Industry’s ongoing and changing needs for quality, efficiency and customer service are challenges which Algoma Steel gladly accepts.

Your needs are unique. You require creative solutions. Algoma Steel is here to help.