Algoma Steel is making excellent progress on mitigating noise from the facility.  Outlined below are a few of our most recent projects.

Cokemaking Pushing Emission Control System Enclosure

Design work is currently underway for the planned installation of an acoustically controlled enclosure around the No. 8&9 Battery Pushing Emission control system.

Steelmaking Acoustic Silencer

In the spring of 2019, a new acoustic silencing muffler was installed to mitigate noise from excess steam generated at steelmaking. With a total investment of $740,000, this successfully reduced noise levels from 133 to 92 dBA within five meters of the source.

Gas Cleaning Plant Motor Enclosures

In the spring of 2019, we completed the erection of two large, acoustically controlled enclosures around the steelmaking gas cleaning plant fan motors. With a total investment of $1.2 million, this project reduced noise levels from 102 to 86 dBA within one meter of the source.

Steelmaking Cooling Tower Fan Motor Enclosures

In July 2018 ventilated, acoustically controlled enclosures were installed around three fan motors on a large cooling tower.  With a total investment of $120,000, these enclosures reduced noise levels from 85 dBA to 73 dBA at source.

Blast Furnace Stove Blow-off Mufflers

In November 2014 two acoustic silencers were installed on the blast furnace stove blow-offs.  These mufflers effectively capture and silence the pressure relief from all four stove exhausts in the Ironmaking facility reducing noise levels from 137 dBA to 75 dBA at the source.  This virtually eliminated noise from this source.

By-products Steam Exhaust Muffler

In July 2014 an acoustic silencer was installed on a steam exhaust in the By-Products Plant reducing noise levels from 125 dBA to 81 dBA at the source.  This reduced noise to within the allowable limits from this source which is nearby the Bayview area.

#2 Steelmaking Muffler

In fall of 2013, a new noise muffler was installed to release excess steam generated at Steelmaking.  This has successfully reduced the intensity and frequency of occurrences where pressure needs to be relieved from the Steelmaking roof top.  We continue to evaluate options to further reduce noise from this source.

Noise Wall Comes to Bonney Street

We have completed construction of a noise reduction wall along Algoma’s Bonney Street property boundary. In keeping with Algoma’s commitment to environmental stewardship, we invested $600,000 in this sound wall to reduce the noise from our operations while building upon our ongoing property beautification program.

The wall stands five meters high and extends from the existing Tenaris wall at Goetz Street along Bonney Street to the berm bordering our Company parking lot at the foot of Goulais Avenue. The wall is made from specially engineered material designed to buffer noise, and its attractive finish provides a more aesthetically pleasing view to surrounding neighbours.  This wall was successful in reducing noise levels along Bonney Street by 5 decibels.